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  • chamomile oil uses

    Chamomile oil(10ML)

    Chamomile oil is obtained from Matricaria recutita or Matricaria chamomilla, a chamomile species of plant. This plant is known by many names including German or Hungarian chamomile, wild chamomile and scented mayweed. This essential oil is intensely blue in color, and hence also called Blue Chamomile Essential Oil.

  • patchouli oil perfume

    Patchouli oil(10ML)

    Patchouli oil is obtained from the flowering plant Pogostemon cablin, which belongs to the deadnettle or mint family of plants. The aroma of the oil was made popular by the hippie culture in the 1960s. The oil has a strong, sweet and musky aroma.

  • wintergreen oil benefits

    Methyl Salicylate/Wintergreen oil(10ML)

    Wintergreen essential oil is extracted from the leaves of the wintergreen plant. It may help relieve aches and pain, headaches, or colds.  Same as eucalyptus essential oil.

  • Organic lemongrass oil has purifying properties which make it perfect for skincare. These properties help to remove impurities, detoxify the skin.

    Lemongrass oil(10ML)

    Lemongrass oil belongs to the grass family and is obtained from the plant Cymbopogon. It is derived from the leaves and stalks of the lemongrass plant using steam distillation and is widely used in aromatherapy, personal care, and culinary applications.

  • may chang oil benefits

    May Chang oil(10ML)

    May Chang Oil is also known as Litsea Cubeba Oil. Litsea Cubeba is a deciduous tree, which is also known as Chinese Pepper and Mountain Pepper. It is native to Southeast Asia. The essential oil has a citrus lemony fragrance.

  • myrrh oil benefits

    Myrrh oil(10ML)

    Myrrh essential oil is derived from the thorny Commiphora myrrha tree. This tree is related to the frankincense tree, and hence myrrh essential oil is used as a replacement to frankincense essential oil. Myrrh oil has an earthy woody aroma and is base note oil.

  • frankincense oil benefits

    Frankincense oil(10ML)

    Frankincense oil is extracted from frankincense or olibanum trees native to the Arabian Peninsula and horn of Africa. It is a highly valued essential oil derived from the resin of the Boswellia tree.

  • thyme oil benefits

    Thyme oil(10ML)

    Thyme is an herb that belongs to the mint family, Lamiaceae. It is from the genus of aromatic perennial evergreen Thymus. Thyme oil as an herb is used as a spice to add flavor and fragrance to food items.

  • clary sage oil benefits

    Clary sage oil(10ML)

    Clary sage oil derived from the plant’s leaves and buds has a fresh, clean perfume that may be used as a skin balm or inhaled softly as part of an aromatherapy treatment. Because of its historic usage as an eye health remedy, it’s also known as “clear eye” and “eye brilliant.”

  • gardenia oil benefits

    Gardenia oil(10ML)

    Premium grade gardenia oil, steam distilled from the flowers of gardenia jasminoides, no additives, unfiltered and undiluted.

  • rosemary oil uses

    Rosemary oil(10ML)

    Rosemary oil is extracted from the herb Salvia rosmarinus, erstwhile known as Rosmarinus officinalis. It belongs to the mint family of plants.

  • ginger oil benefits

    Ginger oil-steam distilled(10ML)

    Ginger oil is a natural essential oil extracted from the roots of the ginger plant (Zingiber officinale) through steam distillation. It has a warm, spicy, and earthy aroma that is commonly used in aromatherapy, culinary practices throughout the world for its fragrance, flavor and health benefits. Ginger oil is considered safe for topical use, but should not be ingested without consulting a healthcare professional.