Organic Essential Oils

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  • myrtle oil

    Myrtle oil


    Myrtle oil is a member of the Myrtaceae family. This oil has a clean, fresh scent that is slightly camphoraceous, much like Eucalyptus. Myrtle oil has an invigorating aroma with properties that can help beautify and enhance the appearance of healthy-looking skin.

  • clary sage oil

    Clary sage oil


    Clary sage oil contains the same linalyl acetate that helps make lavender oil so effective in increasing hair growth. It can improve hair strength, in addition to increasing hair growth, making hair more difficult to break.

  • white tea oil

    White tea oil


    White tea oil is derived from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, the same plant used to produce white tea. It is known for its delicate aroma and numerous health benefits. In this article, we will explore the various benefits and uses of white tea essential oil.

  • synthetic garlic oil

    Synthetic Garlic oil


    Synthetic Garlic oil is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Its most well-known component is allicin.  A major bioactive compound found in garlic oil is diallyl disulfide, which is believed to offer antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular, neuroprotective, antioxidant and anticancer properties.

  • black pepper oil benefits

    Black pepper oil


    Black Pepper’s warm and spicy aroma can help you stay alert and stimulate the senses. Black Pepper Oil can also help ease the discomfort of aching muscles as well as improve circulation. For those who are trying to quit smoking, this essential oil is useful for helping reduce cravings.

  • cinnamon oil benefits

    Cinnamon oil


    Cinnamon oil contains cinnamaldehyde and various phenols and terpenes with antifungal, antidiarrheal, vasoactive, and analgesic effects.   It also has a variety of health and beauty benefits. It can be used as an antibacterial and antifungal agent.

  • lavender oil uses

    Lavender oil


    Lavender oil is one of the most popular and versatile essential oils used in aromatherapy. Distilled from the plant Lavandula angustifolia, the oil promotes relaxation and has clinical research supporting its use as an aid for stress, anxiety,  depression, and potentially various other conditions.


  • rosemary oil

    Rosemary oil


    Topically applied rosemary essential oil may help support hair growth and prevent hair loss. But applying too much can cause side effects.

  • Melissa oil is used for naturally treating eczema, acne and minor wounds, as it has antibacterial and antifungal properties.

    Melissa oil

    Melissa oil is also popularly known as lemon balm essential oil. It is obtained from the lemon balm or Melissa (botanically known as Melissa officinalis) plant belonging to the mint family. It has a fresh lemony and herbaceous aroma.

  • calendula oil

    Calendula oil


    Calendula oil is a natural oil extracted from marigold flowers (Calendula officinalis). It’s often used as a complementary or alternative treatment.

  • Emotionally and energetically, Osmanthus Oil is cleansing and uplifting.

    Osmanthus oil

    Osmanthus oil doesn’t smell like any other essence and is distinct and unique. It is indeed an expensive raw material for the perfumer.  It is a strong mental stimulator sending signals of pleasure and happiness to the brain. This makes it a much sought after oil for use in designer label and natural perfumes.

  • green tea oil benefits

    Green Tea Oil


    The extraction can be done by either steam distillation or cold press method to produce the green tea oil. Green tea oil is a potent therapeutic oil that is used to treat a variety of skin, hair and body related issues.